X-scape 08 Multi-screen A/V installation

In collaboration with Martux_M


Download official presentation > Here

X-Scape 08 is an installation which allows the exploration of mixed sensorial experiences where the visual and audio senses are brought together and combined in different perceptions. The sense of porous skin. Grids from which further filamentous mutations emanate; difficult to classify or perceive using classical frameworks to identify them. Trans-graphic and Transsonic representations are transfigured into a grid-like rhythm and through this process, both the visible and invisible fluxes take on a certain form as if the traditional dualism (linking the opposites of material and immaterial) are suddenly bypassed as being considered futile. A corporeal battle of energies united only by light, by space and by emptiness. Sensations which vibrate, cloven open-wide.
This installation aims to give life to different universes which are neither virtual nor real but possible, as an aesthetic category, “possible” is indefinable unless sensation is also attributed. Thus, meaning can be found in X-Scape 08, produced in collaboration with Enzo Varriale, where “X” which is not only the matrix to (exscape) but also a cross road or interconnection; a labyrinth to be followed and to be penetrated in oblivion or intentionally ignoring what we might find altered beyond.
Perhaps the alteration of our astonishment.

In omaggio a Massimo Canevacci e Gilles Deleuze

Official premiere @ DIGITAL LIFE exhibition,

MACRO (museum of contamporary art of Rome)

Rome, march to may 2010

Download catalogue (pdf)  ENGLISH | ITALIAN



Wiews of the installation


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Generative audiovisual animation

5'16", produced by Lanvideosource in 2008.
Animation generated in VVVV. Audio is generated in Reaktor5.

Watch Hi-res clip > Here

The basic concept of Biosource is inspired from the morphogenesis of a biological organism, following the narrative line: birth (from chaos) > differentiation and organization > life (evolution) > Death (return to the undifferentiated state). In this work, the rhythmic structure and frequencies of the audio track, triggers and stimulates the “evolution” of the organic simulation, giving it a real life. Audio textures are the plasmatic fluid of the digital organism. The precise interaction between audio and visuals creates an experience of synesthesia in the audience, also endorsed by the hypnotic and rhythmic structure that cyclically returns on itself.

Awards and expositions:

- Special mention of jury, Cronosfera Festival, Cavatore (AL), Italy
- Projected at NODE08 Forum for Digital Arts, first international event of VVVV community, Frankfurt (GER), 2008


Artworks via Flickr, click to enlarge >

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Really Simple Seeds

Web-based audiovisual animation

6'25", produced by Lanvideosource in 2008.
Web-based animation generated by VVVV.
patch is run not in real-time and acquired in single  HD frames.

Watch Hi-Res version > HERE

HD frames are available for press > here

In ReallySimpleSeeds, video patch extracts and compares words taken from three news websites (Italian, European and global). The structure created interacts in real-time with audio frequencies. Video patch sends back triggers to audio section generating audio-video interaction feedbacks, until the complete saturation of the audiovisual space. Words extracted and decontextualized are constantly remixed in the patch, obtaining new meanings or creating a kind of subliminal messages. The work follows a precise time path in which, from simple visual and audio structures, the system created evolves gradually in a very complex and stratified galaxy-like structure. This recalls the principle of auto-attraction and recursive linking of the information on the WWW.

Awards and expositions:

- Rencently added to visualcomplexity
This artwork won one of the first prizes @ Visual Music Award 2008, Frankfurt.


Artworks via Flickr, click to enlarge >

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TV channels live mixing

20' Live performance, produced by Lanvideosource in 2005.

Video extract NoTv a/v live performance @ Switch Over 3 - Teatro Palladium - Rome

Real time manipulation of daily television flow. Audio and video coming from television channels are processed trough various herdware and software tools: Resolume, Kaoss pad, a video mixer for video and vst effects and virtual synthesizers for audio. It's almost all live. This excerpt is taken from when we performed on a cinema screen for the third International Meeting of Cinematographic Studies, in Rome, (IT).

Download official presentation (.pdf)

Press Images > here

Lanvideosource proposes an audiovisual performance that consists of a real-time manipulation of daily television flow. The raw audiovisual material coming from a vintage B&W television with manual selection of channels is processed by digital tools.

NoTv is an experience of transformation of the aesthetic and communicative content of television channels. This alteration generate a "non-television" that uses the chaotic structure of mass information in a re-active intervention of live mixing. Places and time where the performances take place influence directly the content of the performance, since explored television channels (above all local ones) change constantly.



LPM Roma - Panta REI Capri (IT) - International Meeting of Cinematographic Studies, Rome (IT)


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