Art and Brainwaves with VVVV

A workshop about EEG and Art
Workshop led by Enzo Varriale (Lanvideosource) and Daniel Huber (CeeYaa)

Hosted and supported by NODE13 Forum for Digital Arts, Frankfurt (GER)

When: Feb 15th 2013 from 10:00 to 13:00

Where: Frankfurter Kunstverein - Markt 44 - 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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An introductive and inspirational workshop about neuro-technology and art, with a focus on the Emotiv software and hardware. The workshop will start with an inspirational talk about EEG and art, after an introduction on EEG signal and brainwaves and how they can be manipulated to perform different kinds of data visualizations and sonifications by using VVVV. During the workshop, different techniques and protocols will be introduced to design real-time EEG-based interfaces for artistic applications.
During the workshop, Emotiv hardware and SDK will be explained, demonstrating how to interface it with the VVVV environment. Finally, workshop participants will try to design their own tools to experiment with the power of their brainwaves..

The workshop is produced in collaboration with iMAL, as a part of the 'Tangible Feelings' symposium. Thanks to Emotiv

Tech required:
At least a medium knowledge of VVVV is required. Each participant must be equipped with a PC (or a MAC with bootcamp), Windows XP (SP2) or Windows 7 and VVVV (at least version b27) installed. Participants that own an Emotiv EPOC headset are invited to bring their own. Only one headset will be provided by the organization!

Workshop language: English

Topics will include:
- Brief introduction to EEG signal, sampling and digitalization of EEG
- Introduction to Emotiv software and hardware
- Emotiv SDK and OSC protocol
- Interfacing with VVVV
- Design interfaces for EEG-based media art projects
- Build your own neuro-based audiovisual tools with Emotiv

Presumed VVVV knowledge

- Basic VVVV Tutorials
- DX9 Rendering

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